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      About Nobby

      Hi my name is Norberto Quinones, but you can call me Nobby. As a boy my dream was to learn to drive but this was impossible growing up in Cuba, it is a poor country where driving schools didn’t exist and owning a car was rare.

      One day my uncle came home with a car, I begged him to teach me to drive and when he said yes, I knew my dreams were about to come true but little did I know what I was getting myself into.

      My Uncle was very hands off and gave me very basic instructions.

      There was great freedom in this but I wasn’t well prepared for the future roads I was going to experience. Not long after that, I left Cuba to Central America where I converted my tractor license to a car license. This led me to practise and learn more advanced skills on my own via trial and error.

      Man was this risky and it’s not something I would recommend as your life is on the line.

      In Australia, I have driven semi trailers & trucks with my HC License. With over 30 years of driving experience and a passion for driving and teaching, it is my goal to bring people’s dreams to life by teaching them to drive safely while having fun on the streets of Sydney.